[EVENT] Programming Science at Python Brasil [11]

Hey scientist, how is it going?
Today we’ll talk about our participation on Python Brasil [11]! We saw old buddies, met new bros and even had a gossip with David Beazley! Let’s do it!

Python Brasil [11] (PyBR[11] for the closest ones) happened on the beggining of this month, at São José dos Campos, Brazil! The Big Kahuna of this year was Renzo Nuccitelli, and the organizer of the PyData trail was Ricardo Savii.

We taught a really nice short course, named “Scientific programming with Python and SciPy”, but the time wasn’t enough for all the talk we wanted. We’ll continue this course online! Also you all will be invited when this happen 🙂 Jupyter notebooks are available here, if you’d like to see the course material.

We also had a lecture, “Scientific Computation with Python”, where we discussed some scikits and our Python experience. Several bros also shared their experience on scientific Python applications with us. Besides, we invited all participants to a science hackathon, but we extended the invitation to all community 🙂 You can still subscribe! This lectures’ slides can be seen here.

We had a chat with the awesome David Beazley, author of Python Essential Reference and Python Cookbook! We got our book signed 🙂

Beazley’s autograph on the excellent Python Cookbook.

We had a great time on this event (seems like Beazley had it too). We attended for just two days, but we had a lot of fun. Thanks to Renzo, Ricardo and all the staff for that. Also, thanks Python brothers! That’s why the Python community is great in Brazil!

Thanks scientist! Gigaregards!

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