[EVENT] SciPy 2016

Hey scientist!
In July we will have one important event for the world community of scientific Python: the SciPy 2016! Do you want to know what will happen there, and how to be a part of it?

The 15th edition of the Scientific Computing with Python conference, SciPy 2016, will happen between July 11 and 17, on Austin, Texas, USA. It will consist of two days of tutorials, three days of talks, and two days of developer sprints.

At the conference, these topics will be approached:

  • Scientific Computing in Python;
  • Python in Data Science;
  • Earth and Space Science;
  • Engineering;
  • Medicine and Biology;
  • Social Sciences;
  • Special Purpose Databases;
  • Case Studies in Industry and Education;
  • Reproducibility.

Besides us, there are several nice communities and enterprises supporting the event:

The keynote speakers are also defined:

  • Andreas Klöckner, assistant professor from the Illinois University at Urbana-Champaign.
  • Hanna Wallach, researcher from Microsoft Research in New York, and professor from the Massachusetts University at Amherst.

The deadline for talk and poster proposals ends today, April 1st! Go for it and present your research! If you don’t want to present but want to help the event, you can also be a volunteer. Give them a help 🙂

That’s it scientist! Show up, learn more about Python and present your ideas to some of the greatest programmers of the Earth!
Gigaregards! See you next time!

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