[EVENT] Programming science on Research Data Visualization Workshop

Hey scientist! How is it going?

Today we’re going to talk about a very nice event in which we were: the Research Data Visualisation Workshop. A full day about programming, data visualization and meeting with a lot of friends! Here we go!

The Research Data Visualisation Workshop, or RDVW [1], happened on July 28 on the University of Manchester, organized by the Software Sustainability Institute [2].

The event explored data visualization and good programming and reproducibility practices in different languages. We had excellent lectures about:

  • Design Principles in Information Visualization, with Professor Jessie Kennedy [3].
  • Human Science Visualization, with Dr Martin Chorley [4].
  • Why #barbarplots?, with Dr Christina Bergmann [5].
  • Visualizing world data, with Dr Andy South [6].

We had the hands-on sessions in the afternoon, using different programming languages:

  • Python, with Dr Leighton Pritchard [7].
  • R, with Dr Andy South.
  • MATLAB, with Dr Alexandre de Siqueira (me!!!) [8].
  • Javascript, with Dr Martin Chorley.

Weren’t you there? Don’t be sad, dear scientist! All lectures are available on YouTube [9], and all codes and slides are available on Google Drive [10]. There are lots of materials for you! 🙂 Go for it!

We thank a lot the lecturers and developers, and also the RDVW organizers: Raniere Silva [11], Olivia Guest [12], Vincent Knight [13], Neil Chue Hong [14], Shoaib Sufi [15], Selina Aragon, Clementine Hadfield and Graeme Smith. What a nice event! We want more of that 🙂

Thanks scientist! Enjoy the materials! Gigaregards, see you next time!

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