Fixing your Garden Hose into your Pressure Washer


Using a pressure washer for cleaning services at your home is the best way to achieve effective cleaning. However, the pressure washer depends on other attachments to accomplish the task ahead easily. For instance, you will need a Kink-Proof Garden hose to exert water at high pressure as you do your cleaning. However, the pressure washer generates a high pressure because it has an engine-powered pump that simplifies everything. However, if you want to adjust the garden hose pressure, you can attach the garden hose to a fireman-type of nozzle that exerts the pressure of up to 250 PSI.

The Process of Fixing Your Hose Garden to Exert Maximum Pressure.

  • Inspecting the garden hose

Before you start the process of fixing the garden hose, you need to thoroughly check it to ensure it is in perfect condition. First, check the screw that needs to be fixed in the faucet. It must be in good condition; for instance, the rubber washer should be stable without cracks or damage. When the rubber is cracked or damaged, it causes leakages which in turn reduces the pressure. Therefore, you cannot achieve the perfect cleaning experience you anticipate with reduced pressure. SO, when you find out the rubber washer is cracked, you need to remove it with a screwdriver, then fix a new one that is compatible with your garden hose.

  • Inspect the entire hose garden.

Once you have checked your rubber washer and ensured it is in perfect condition, you also need to check the extra length of the hose. Sometimes, small holes or cracks can cause leakages, hence affecting the water pressure. If you realize the hose has some holes and cracks, it might be hard for you to use it for cleaning. This implies that you need to replace the hose.

Note: Ensure you have a long garden hose that can reach the distance you need to clean. Don’t go for an extra-long hose to enable water to travel faster and at a higher rate.

  • Fix the garden hose with the screws

After examining step one and step two, now you are sure the garden hose is in perfect condition, and you can move to the next step and start the fixing process. Start by fixing a screw on one end of the hose and then into the faucet. At this point, remember to attach a fireman-type of nozzle that has a PSI of 250 into the other end of the garden hose.

Now you can use your garden hose with maximum pressure to achieve any cleaning activity you want to accomplish.


Cleaning services require good equipment to ensure the place you are cleaning remains spotlessly clean. However, it can be hard to achieve a high level of cleaning when cleaning the regular way using soap and water. In such instances, you can use a pressure washer that has different compartments making them function adequately. That is why you need to refer to this article whenever fixing your garden hose for maximum pressure.


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